5 Car Care Tips to Maintain the Bodywork

cleaning exterior of car for bodywork maintenance

You wouldn’t want your car to just have a good engine – the exterior of your car should also look as good as it runs. Maintaining the Bodywork is not just as simple as bringing it to the carwash – invest a good amount of your time for these simple, helpful tips that will surely keep its good-looking appearance for a VERY long period

1. Always Start from the Inside Out

What’s the use of having a well-maintained, polished, clean looking car when your interior has dust, dirt and is disorganized? This can give an instant negative vibe. Always start by cleaning the interior with this simple basic tips:

  • Shampoo Carpets
  • Vacuum Upholstery
  • Use a Spray-on Products for the Dashboard
  • Use window cleaners to wipe on the window
  • Regularly empty trash

Or watch this fun and engaging Video on how to Properly clean the interior of a car.

2. Start with the Basic Knowledge: Regularly Wash and Wax Your Car

This is a mainstream advice, but the basics are called the “basics” because it is one of the proven tips that can completely help with your goal. According to Top Gear, it is recommended to wash your car once a week, or when its just truly warranted – washing it more than the usual recommended time may lead to a mineral build-up in places that are hard to reach and wipe. Detailing is recommended to be done daily or as much as possible since this will just take you a few minutes with the right tools in hand. As for waxing, it is recommended to be done every 1 to 2 months – keep that car looking clean and sparkly like a diamond!

3. Maintain Clean Windows

Yes, they do serve an important purpose as we see the outside through them. Asides from cleaning the window from the inside (always do this especially when you have kids riding in your car) make sure to keep the windows exterior clean, too! As dirty windows can blur your vision from the inside, and not just that – the windows also contribute to the overall look of your car.

Cool Tip: Have a Professional apply Tints on your Car Windows for added style and protection!

4. Apply some Rust Proofing Agent to your Car

Putting this all over your car is one way to prevent corrosion. This is essential especially when you live somewhere in a humid climate or if your car is regularly exposed to salt from the air or roads. This can be bought at any automotive shop and just simply follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

5. Immediately Polish Areas with Minor and Shallow Scratches

These kinds of scratches are just usually on the clear coat which adds to the shine of the car and makes it more appealing. The clearcoat takes the beating from the everyday harmful UV Rays, Exhaust, Rain, Dirt, Salt, Bird Dropping, Bugs and many more. Each of these slowly brings damage to the exterior of your car, which is why we should keep up with it and maintain it protected.

Here is a 4 Step Guide on How to Polish a Scratched Area:

  1. Buy a Car Polishing Product in automotive shops
  2. Apply just a small amount and rub it on the affected area. Continue polishing it until the scratch is no longer visible
  3. Gently wash the area with some soap and water just to remove the polishing agents
  4. Apply wax to buff and shine

driving in the open road

Now, go out, ride your vehicular companion, and show it off as you drive in the open road with lots of confidence! Just keep all of these in mind and you’ll be sure to have a good looking car for the longest of time!


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