What a Good Car Window Tint looks like

car window tint with rain drops

Car tints add an aesthetic style to your car – it can make it elegant and sleek. But bad car tints make it otherwise. That’s why you need to be extra careful in having car films applied on your vehicle. Here are some things to look at to know that you have a good and quality window tints applied.

No Tiny Bubbles

The first thing to look at and ensure is that you have a clear view – meaning there are no bubbles blocking your sight. Tiny bubbles, or any size of bubbles, is a BIG no no! This just means the film’s quality isn’t that great or the way they applied it is not done professionally and carefully, the right way it should have been.

Clean Edges

Another way to know if you have quality tints installed is by looking at the consistency and cleanliness of the line is. There should be no cuts and uneven edges. Being meticulous pays a lot and it is nothing to be ashamed of especially when checking out your car tints that really needs to be looked at properly.

No to Purple!

Bad quality window tints turn purple when aged. Cheap tints are usually low-quality and contain dyes that easily wear off quickly, turning to a blue or purple color. High quality tints don’t fade this way no matter how many years have passed. Take it from me and follow this advice, invest on a high-quality tint and you will never regret it. Spending on cheap ones will make you spend even more in the long run, compared to investing one time on a high quality tint!

No Gaps on Your Defroster

Car installers have a challenge installing tint on your defroster since it is a little bit raised. This may cause some gaps that can result to bubbles. And bubbles can quickly spread around your rear window – which you don’t want to happen!

So there you have it! These are some things to look after to know you have a good window tint installed. Yes, they may be called professionals, but we never know if they really did a good job. So it pays if you also look at the finished job before leaving the shop.


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